What kind of videos can I create with your AI tool?

Our AI lets you create explainer videos, marketing materials, educational content, and more! Just provide a script and choose your avatar style.

Can I customize the appearance of my AI-generated avatar?

Absolutely! You can select from various avatar styles, genders, and ethnicities. We also offer customization options for clothing and hairstyles.

How long does it take to generate an AI video?

The generation time depends on the video length and complexity. Simple videos can be ready in minutes, while longer ones take a bit longer.

Do I need any video editing experience to use your platform?

No prior experience is necessary! Our intuitive interface allows you to create professional-looking videos without editing skills easily.

What file formats can I export my finished video in?

We offer a variety of popular export formats ‌including MP4, MOV, and WMV, ensuring compatibility with most platforms.

What languages can I dub my videos into?

We support a wide range of languages for dubbing. You can check our website for the current list of supported languages.

How does AI dubbing work?

Our AI technology transcribes the audio in your video, translates it into your chosen language, and then generates a natural-sounding voiceover in that language.

Will the AI dubbing sound perfect?

AI dubbing is constantly improving, and it can produce high-quality voiceovers for many videos. However, depending on the complexity of the audio and the target language, there might be some minor imperfections.

Can I edit the AI-generated script?

Yes! Our platform often allows you to edit the script before the final dubbing is applied. This lets you fine-tune the translation or adjust the timing for better lip-syncing.

How long does it take to dub a video?

The processing time depends on the length of your video. Generally, AI dubbing is much faster than traditional dubbing methods.

Can I choose the voice for the dubbing?

Some platforms offer a selection of AI voices with different accents and tones for you to choose from.

What kind of personalization can be done with videos in real-time?

Real-time personalization allows you to tailor video content based on factors like:
Audience Demographics: Age, location, gender, etc.
Viewing Behavior: Past video interactions and preferences.
Customer Data: Information you have collected about your audience (with their consent).
This could involve changes like:
Using different greetings (e.g., "Hi Sarah" vs. "Hello").
Highlighting specific features relevant to the viewer's interests.
Showcasing testimonials from users with similar demographics.

How do the integrations with marketing tools work?

Unscript likely integrates with tools like:
CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Pull data on existing customers for personalization.
Email Marketing Platforms: Personalize video content sent through email campaigns.
Marketing Automation Tools: Automate personalized video delivery based on triggers.
These integrations streamline your workflow and personalize videos based on existing marketing data.

How can I use influencer marketing with personalized video content?

Imagine an influencer creating a video promoting your product. Unscript might allow you to:
Insert the influencer's name or a personalized message for their audience.
Highlight features relevant to the influencer's niche.
Tailor the call to action based on the influencer's typical audience behavior.
This personalizes the influencer's message for a more impactful campaign.

How does personalized video content lead to higher viewer engagement?

When viewers see content relevant to their interests and needs, they're more likely to:
Pay closer attention to the video.
Feel a personal connection with the brand.
Be more receptive to the video's message.
Take action, such as clicking a link or making a purchase.

What are some examples of how I can use personalized video marketing?

Targeted ads: Create personalized video ads based on viewer demographics.
Welcome videos: Greet new customers with a personalized video message.
Product recommendations: Recommend products based on past purchase history.
Educational content: Tailor educational videos to the viewer's level of knowledge.
These are just a few examples, and the possibilities are vast!

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